Protected Designation of Origin.


Resuspension wine lees when it rests in casks or vats.


Variety of vine characterized by its own attributes which are expressed on a physical point of view (the shape of the leaves, bunch of grapes, color and composition of grape to mature, etc.).


Operation is to extract wine in the fermentation tank full to increase the concentration of the remaining wort.


Introducing technical yeast (natural or commercial) in the wort to trigger the start of the fermentation

Wine lees

wine lees corresponds to dead yeast (and optionally some plant residues) that sediment at the bottom of the container at the end of fermentation.


Stage during which the grape skins (pomace) is left to marinate in the wort. This allows you to get the wine tannins (polyphenols) and color (anthocyanins) brought ‚Äč‚Äčthrough the skin. This can be amplified by punching or reassembly.

Punching down

Operation is to push the cap formed above the fermentation vessel, the liquid portion called "grape must" so that the tannins and coloring parts come in contact.


Given color to the wine after the alcoholic fermentation. The white wines ranging from white to brown yellow with green shades in white, light yellow, lime, yellow, golden yellow, pale yellow, yellow amber. Rosé wines are gray, bright pink, pink saffron, pink curled. Red wines can range from cherry red to dark red curled red and red onion skin, through the bright red, ruby, garnet, purple, violet.


Entire parcels of vines