Malbec leaf
Merlot leaf

Located in the village of Pescadoires surrounded by our river LOT, it is known for its very typical Romanesque church named St Pierre-és-liens.

Our vineyard is relatively modest with an area of ​​14.5 ha is spread over two towns, Pescadoires and its neighbor Lagardelle.

The main grape varieties of our crops is the Malbec (85%) also known as Black Cot in Touraine and Malbec locally in the Quercy.

This variety has had the Lot area of predilection, it has the distinction of producing red wines of deep color, to exteriorize terroir and gives our wine a good aging potential following types of vinification and aging. The other grape variety is MERLOT (15%) of Bordeaux origin which can provide flexibility and smoothness.

Our vineyard is located mainly on the second terrace that is to say composed of ancient alluvial silica-based hence the frequent occurrence of pebbles on our plots.