Our plots extends mainly on communes of and Pescadoires Lagardelle, located west of the city of Cahors. The field surrounded by the sinuosity of Lot covers nearly 13.16 hectares.
The soil is composed of chalky clay sediments and is a favorite place for the preparation of a high quality wine.
Rows of vines plowed or dotted with plants, will allow regulation of the vigor of the plant depending on sediments of the usable land. This method is widely used and will allow the grower to obtain the highest quality of grape, essential material for the creation of a great wine.

The grapes

Auxerrois, also called black Cot or Malbec grape is essential to the development of Cahors wine. This vigorous plant with the special distinction of producing a deep black dress coloured wines, exteriorizing the terroir and gives the wine a good aging potential following types of vinification and aging.

The merlot (cousin of Cabernet and Carmenere) is also vigorous and widely used in Bordeaux environment brings in Cahors wine roundness and flexibility while releasing fruity and woody aromas.

Malbec Merlot

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Culture of the vineyard

Our plots are regularly plowed and leafless, the surplus of immature grapes are removed from the vines grape overloaded (so-called green harvest) to ensure the best quality product possible to develop optimal winemaking. These traditional methods are applied for several years. To counter the diseases that could suffer the vine, the application of viticultural treatments done thoughtfully and punctuated.